Food Security Bill – Positive and negative impact on India?

Food Security Bill

Food Security Bill

The Food Security Bill, will distribute  wheat, rice and coarse grains at just Rs 2, Rs 3 and Re1 a kilo each to about 65 per cent of the population — 75 per cent of them in rural areas and the rest in cities and towns.

Positive Impact of Food Security Bill

  1. Win Election:  Food Security Bill will help UPA win 2014 election.
  2. Food to people: 70 per cent of children are malnourished in India, This bill provide food to all.

Negative Impact of Food Security Bill

  1. Trade Deficit will Increase: Due other subsidy already trade deficit is around 5.9
  2. Procurement problem : Production of food grains is not sufficient to provide food to all. We will have to import food grains from outside India. This will in turn result in increase in Import bill and raise in INR- dollar price
  3. Corruption: Like all other government schemes real benefit will not reach to the poor and deserving . Due to corruption out of 5 kg of grains only 100 gm will reach the poor and hungry. Rest all will help make government officer and politician rich man.And there is no mechanism to stop this.
  4. Honest tax payer will fund the bill: A honest tax payer who is paying taxes, expects benefits in form of better roads, water, electricity , services, good civic governance, Good sports facility, Pollution free rivers and air, Good police, good law and order. But unfortunately, all his taxes are going in wrong direction, resulting in more frustration and more brain drain out of India. Wish we move away from Vote politics to development Politics.

Instead of this Food Security bill – there should be bill to increase more employment opportunities, more jobs, so that there is no hungry child in India.

What are your thoughts on Food Security bill, Do you think it is good move ?


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